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Welcome to the ‘Client Information Articles’ section of Josh and Mak International, a dedicated space crafted to empower and enlighten our esteemed clients. In this ever-evolving legal landscape, knowledge is more than just power – it’s a necessity for making informed decisions. Recognising this, our firm has committed to providing insightful, relevant, and up-to-date articles tailored to meet the needs and interests of our diverse clientele.

Application and interpretation of exclusivity in various contexts in Pakistan and Internationally.

Key Terms for an Effective Exclusivity Agreement Internationally Introduction: In the business world, exclusivity agreements are a powerful tool, forging strong partnerships while providing mutual benefits. These agreements, however, demand…

Can NCNDA agreements in business and employment be unfair? What times of NCNDAs are potentially illegal?

Can NCNDA agreements in business and employment be unfair? What times of NCNDAs in Pakistan are potentially illegal?

We receive a significant number of inquiries from both employers and employees seeking clarification on the enforceability of Non-Compete and Non-Disclosure Contracts (NCDAs) in Pakistan. Additionally, there is a considerable…

Legal Advice on Monopolies, Anti-Trust, Restraint of Trade, Government Control, and Competition Laws in Pakistan

At Josh and Mak International, we provide comprehensive legal advice on the Pakistani competition/antitrust legal-regulatory framework. Our expertise in this field assists clients in achieving their strategic objectives while ensuring…

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