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Legal Services for British Pakistanis

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As a well-known Legal500 law firm, Josh and Mak International has been proudly providing legal services to British Pakistanis , Oversees Pakistanis and Pakistani Expatriates abroad.We are based in the UK and in Pakistan through our various associations and partners.As one of the top law firms in Pakistan, we provide not just the best legal services in Islamabad and Pakistan, but  also work closely with businesses to understand the current legal challenges shaping the industries which they work in.

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It is our firm  belief that law firms in Pakistan need to understand not just how to best serve their clients today but also in the future. Because of this approach, Josh And Mak International as successfully positioned itself in recent years as the leading law firm in Pakistan for the Pakistani Corporate and Energy Sector and has also made it to the prestigious Legal500 directory.

Recognized for our distinctiveness, our legal services not only appeal to a wide variety of businesses looking for solicitors for conveyancing Pakistan but the UK also. Consistently praised for our distinctiveness and innovation, Josh and Mak International is one of a select few Pakistan law firms listed in the well known Legal500 Asia Pacific Directory.

Are you currently faced with a complex and challenging regulatory project? Are you looking for legal advice for your family matter and property issues including (but not limited to) conveyancing in Pakistan? We pride ourselves on being able to provide sound litigation and in-house legal services to clients in regard to all kinds of corporate, civil, and constitutional matters.Whether working to protect the rights of individuals or providing unrivaled litigation services in regard to banking and taxation, we always strive to set an industry example in our fields of expertise.

When you work with Josh And Mak International, you work with solicitors in Pakistan who strive to provide timely and effective solutions. Your time is a commodity and we appreciate this. As an added bonus, we are always focused on providing cost-effective solutions that ensure you get the best service at the best price every time.

Property Law Matters for British-Pakistanis

Owning property can be an important part of your family, business, and finances, and you want to make sure you take all the steps necessary to provide the proper protections for your property. Protecting your property and rights can become even greater of a challenge for you when you are living overseas or out of the country where the property is located. There can be many different issues that you may need guidance regarding property that you own in Pakistan that the firm of Josh and Mak International can help you with to make sure your rights and interests are taken care of the right way.

Help with a Variety of Property Services

The property laws in Pakistan can be difficult to follow and understand at times, and you need to be aware of all of the laws whenever you are dealing with any potential issues. The Transfer of Property Act of 1882 governs many of the important areas of property law, but there are many facets of the law that the average person may not fully understand to go along with more modern legislation and acts in place regarding properties. Our law firm has the expert insight you need the most to help you with property matters such as:

  • Buying Residential Property
  • Buying Commercial Property
  • Selling Your Property in Pakistan
  • Renting Property
  • Acting as a Landlord
  • Inheritance of Property Issues

These are just some of the many issues that can involve the sale or purchase of property in Pakistan. When you are living out of the country and trying to deal with sales, purchases, renting or inheritance, you may not be entirely familiar with everything that is going on and need to have a source that you can rely on to help guide you through everything.

A Firm to Provide You with the Help You Need

Our law firm has extensive experience in dealing with many different facets of property law in Pakistan. We have spent years working with business enterprises of various sizes and individuals in need of assistance with property law. Our main office is based right in Islamabad, so we can help you to face any of legal challenges you may be dealing with in Pakistan. Whether you are just seeking some legal advice on an issue, need representation to help finalize a sale or lease or require assistance with a lawsuit we can be there to make sure your rights are protected in the best way possible.

Josh and Mak International will work hard on your behalf no matter what type or size of property issue you may be facing. We can provide you with all of the legal services you require, and advice and help are just moments away at any time you may need it. You can email us directly at [email protected] or call our help service, which is available 24 hours a day, at +92-51-8442922 to get the help you are looking for. Take the right steps to be sure you get the focused attention and solutions you need with all of your property law matters.

The Josh and Mak Team
If you are reading this, chances are we will become your favourite virtual law firm at some point. In an economy where businesses have lost their strategic edge and are forced to reconsider their traditional concepts of consulting bricks and mortar law firms, which bill by the minute, we can provide you with affordable quality legal advice, delivered anywhere in the world. Since 2010, our firm has already pioneered and adopted the concept of honest and practical legal advice, delivered straight to your email inbox. In the post Covid19 era, working with the Josh and Mak Team means that, you will get the same commitment, discipline and work ethic, without the heavy Bricks and Mortar and the financial baggage which comes with the latter. Let your choice to work with Josh and Mak International become your unfair strategic advantage over your business competitors of the past, present and the future!