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Law Firms which have adapted and evolved with the real needs of their clients are rare in today’s post-COVID19 economic landscape. As one of these dynamic legal innovators, Josh and Mak International recognises that the role of  lawyers  has  in fact, never been more important than it is now especially when fraud is rampant and clients are facing challenges in the staggering economies affected by the pandemic.

Due to a large shift in the way our international business clients currently work we are devoting a large number of our legal updates and staff time to assisting clients with post-covid work standards, updates and contractual matters affected by COVID19.


Statue of justiceJosh and Mak International understands and acknowledges that  law firms are amongst the key stakeholders with a key social responsibility in ensuring that life can stay bearable and functional for small businesses and clients awaiting critical outcomes for their legal disputes. The post COVID-19 era is rapidly evolving into a financial disaster, and has reshaped how we perceive the role of lawyers in the world of business, procurement and medical negligence.

About Us

Josh and Mak International is one of the most well-regarded law firms in Pakistan and the UK, with a keen interest in providing online legal services as well as High Court Level and Supreme Court litigation and drafting. Currently the firm is not only offering legal support to many small and medium local enterprises, but also has a sound clientele in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Europe and USA. Josh and Mak is one of the few and rare Pakistani law firms practicing internationally and is proud to be listed in the well-known Asia Pacific Legal500 directory. 

The firm prides itself in the provision of efficient and innovative solutions to its clients’ commercial, legal, regulatory and structural challenges in the post COVID19 era. The firm’s extremely enterprising team gives quick responses to online queries reinforcing its zeal for excellence. The lawyers at Josh & Mak have the ability to provide effective responses to client queries, and this is what distinguishes them from other local consultancy firms. The firm’s approach is not only novel and innovative but also attuned to the demands of the international corporate sector. The associates and partners at Josh and Mak International want clients to rely on them for realistic and incisive advice about their legal matters. The firm’s specialisations include legal advisory in matters such as energy and petroleum, telecommunications, internet and media, intellectual property, dispute resolution and taxation, to name a few.



At Josh and Mak International, we are committed to providing pragmatic and value-enhancing in-house and web-based legal services. Dealing directly with people in the energy, telecommunications and corporate sectors has given us an insight, which is critical when structuring deals, to assess risk and resolve disputes. Josh and Mak International routinely provides legal advice pertaining to the following specific areas of the energy sector: oil and gas exploration and production; refining, transportation and marketing of petroleum products; oil, gas and product pipelines, terminals and storage facilities; LNG plants and facilities; gas processing and gathering facilities; petrochemical plants and facilities; and oil and gas field services.

The team routinely provides litigation and in-house legal services to clients in corporate, civil and constitutional matters at all jurisdictional levels, ranging from large-scale corporate, banking and taxation related litigation to cases that affects the rights of individuals. Alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation and arbitration, also forms a strong area of their practice as well as the provision of corporate consultancy services for major multinational conglomerates, particularly in the Energy sector.

Other services include but are not limited to , rendering of legal advice and opinions, drafting and negotiations of concession agreements, water use agreements, power purchase agreements, fuel supply agreements, engineering procurement and construction contracts, equipment supply contracts, loan documentation, security documentation, joint venture agreements, joint bidding agreements, shareholders agreements, legislative drafting, vetting of legal and financial documentation, corporate governance, fund management, carrying out and preparing due diligence reports and other similar legal and financial services.


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