*There are No Vacancies  or Internships Available for 2019-2020


Applications for Associates and Interns for 2018-2019 are now closed.We have chosen not to hire any interns in the present year.

Please note that we are NOT in any way obliged to answer unsolicited emails with CVs and requests for jobs/internships etc. If you constantly harass us about considering your application via email or otherwise, we have the right to trace you and take legal action against you.

General rules of internship

All internships end after 25 days unless a performance appraisal of the internee is exceptional.We cannot guarantee you permanent employment following an internship, unless we are satisfied with your work performance and punctuality in completing the tasks assigned to you.We also cannot promise you that you will be issued a certificate of internship, given a proper letter of recommendation, or that you will be given access to all of our on-going projects and cases.Due to the sensitive nature of our client’s businesses we sometimes avoid allowing junior lawyers and internees to handle their documentation.

As per our new policy we can require you to send your  NIC and/or ID card if we consider your employment request.Please DO NOT send in your personal information or any documents until we have asked for these documents, or we cannot guarantee you their confidentiality or data protection.

As of 2013 we are taking successful police action against interns and associates on probation for theft of office property, harassing behaviour against our personnel and purporting fake identities in order to damage our firm reputation. Any outstanding debts, bad behaviour and/or attempts at forging documents, recommendations and ID will be reported to your future employers or academic institutions.Many of such associates have also been reported to the Bar and their licences have been cancelled.

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