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Important Notice

If you have to email us just write to our most responsive address

Or send us a WhatsApp Message at +92-304-8734889 

Our landline+92-51-8442922 is more responsive between 3pm to 10pm Pakistan time 

A Message for Prospective Clients, 

We have recently updated our correspondence address on the Google Business Page profile. Please note that at the moment we are not offering office appointments with prospective clients unless necessary. You have the option of contacting us to ask for a Zoom call if necessary. Until we have signed a lease for our new office premises, our correspondence address will remain H#45B, Street 116, G-11/4, Islamabad.

This address is valid for all correspondence with clients, public organisations and members of the general public.

You are advised to avoid showing up on this premises for meeting requests. If you require a meeting for a matter that can absolutely not be discussed on Zoom or Encrypted email/WhatsApp let us know and we will arrange a venue of meeting for you.

Our email address is 

Our Cell Phone number is : +92-3048734889 (Please do not call directly, our current premises are in a basement and the signals are an issue).

It is better to call us or text us via WhatsApp.

Landline Number : +92-51-8442922  (Only available between 10 am to 9 pm) 

Terms and Conditions for Contacting Josh and Mak International

1. Update on Correspondence Address:
We have recently updated our correspondence address, which is now H#45B, Street 116, G-11/4, Islamabad. This address is valid for all correspondence with clients, public organisations, and members of the general public.As per the terms of our lease we cannot allow members of the public to visit these premises for meeting.

We are however in the process of establishing an office for meetings with members of the public and prospective clients.Once this is done, 

2. Office Appointments:
At present, we are not offering office appointments to prospective clients unless deemed absolutely necessary. Alternative methods of communication, such as Zoom calls, are available upon request.

Current Clients are requested to let us know if they need a meeting and we will suggest an avenue for this within Islamabad, at our own cost.

3. Unscheduled Visits:
Clients and members of the public are advised to avoid showing up at our correspondence address for meeting requests. We are currently in the process of leasing new office premises, and this location is not set up for client meetings.

4. Virtual Meetings:
For matters that can be adequately discussed through virtual means, you may contact us to schedule a Zoom call or WhatsApp Call.

5. Special Meeting Arrangements:
If you have a matter that cannot be discussed via Zoom or encrypted email/WhatsApp, please notify us, and we will arrange an alternative venue for the meeting if we believe the matter is worth our time and matches our expertise.For safety purposes we have the right to demand your ID before we agree to such a meeting.

6. Email Communication:
Our official email address for all correspondence is

7. Mobile Communication:
Our cell phone number is +92-3048734889. Due to signal issues at our current premises, we strongly advise contacting us via WhatsApp rather than direct calls.You can text anytime.We aim to respond quickly but you are less likely to get a quick response between 11 pm at night and  10 am in the morning.

8. Landline Availability:
Our landline number, +92-51-8442922, is available for calls between 10 am to 9 pm only.

9. Response Time:
While we strive to respond to all queries in a timely manner, please allow up to 48 business hours for a response to any initial inquiries.Please refrain from making multiple calls or sending texts depicting urgency especially if you are a non-Client.

10. Legal Advice:
Please note that sending an email or making a call does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Formal legal advice will only be provided upon entering into a written agreement.This applies to our Free Legal Advice terms.

11. Data Protection:
All personal data provided will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy, available on our website.

12. Amendments:
Josh and Mak International reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. Any such changes will be posted on this page.

13.Lawyers and Law Students are requested not to  contact us with requests for jobs, academic advice or case law lists.Our focus is on assisting people in need of actual legal advice.

14.We will not share the copyrighted contents of our website in a document with anyone, so please refrain from such requests.

15.If we find any Client or non-Client trying to threaten us through the modes of contact available on this page we have the right to terminate communicate and consider contacting the appropriate legal forums.

16.Our calls, texts and emails are mostly recorded for reference purposes.If you are a non-Client, your data will be deleted within a few days of your contact, if there is no reasonable prospect of you coming back to us for further advice. If you are a Client, all your records of communication will be automatically deleted within the timeframe agreed with you on conclusion of the matter.


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