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Visa Extension Information for all our foreign clients in Pakistan during the COVID Lockdown

In the wake of the complications created by the COVID19 infection in Pakistan, the  federal government has extended the validity of visa for foreign nationals stranded in Pakistan till the 30th of June.If your Visa is expired, you will need to keep in touch with the DGIP and as the expired visas will only be

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Compliance checklist-Ensuring effective distribution of funds for heirs of deceased employees for Medium to Large Private Business Owners

The death of an employee can be emotionally painful and can cause many  practical legal problems at the workplace and for the employer especially if that employee had access to a lot of your key documentation and was responsible for a lot of company/corporate work. A key question which often comes forward is how to

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A guide for foreign companies bidding on procurement contracts in Pakistan-Part 1

Quite a few of our clients who are operating internationally corporate seats in Key EU/US destinations find Pakistan to be a very attractive jurisdiction for bidding on procurement contracts. Many of them will try to enter with another local company as a consortium. Many of these companies have common questions on many aspects of liability

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Legal Services Islamabad Based For Company Taxation

Company taxation can be a complicated matter, as laws change all of the time. This is why it is a good idea to hire a company that offers legal services Islamabad based. They can deal with this area of your business for you, giving you peace of mind that everything is handled above board. For

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