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Why You Need Josh and Mak to Register a Company in Pakistan?

Registration of a company is a time-consuming and complex process. But it gets even more complicated when setting up a company in a foreign country.

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Are you planning to register a company in Pakistan?

It would help you to know that the registration process with the Securities and Exchange Commission involves sharing company facts and details that are best kept confidential and private. It is important to know how to provide the required information without giving away trade secrets.


There are also several documents required and paperwork that has to be completed. These include the Memorandum of Association, the Articles of Association and several other forms. You also need to have your company named registered and approved.Suffice to say that, without the expertise and assistance of a law firm specializing in company registration in Pakistan, you would have a hard time getting all the work done.
This is where Josh and Mak International can help you out.
The law firm is one of the most well-regarded law firms in Pakistan and the UK. They provide online legal services, and litigation and drafting at High Court and Supreme Court level. Operating in the United Kingdom, Josh and Mak International is one of the few Pakistani law firms that is listed on the legal 500 directory and practices internationally. The firm has also made its way to the well-known oil and gas directory of Pakistan, The Who’s Who of the Energy Sector.
The law firm also launched Project OREM, an online source of dedicated service that covers laws in Pakistan related to the entirety of oil, gas, energy and mining. The ICLG Mining Law 2015 that was published by the Global Legal Group was also authored by and credited to Josh and Mak International.
With a commitment to provide pragmatic and value-enhancing legal services, whether in-house or web-based, Josh and Mak is clearly the right choice for when you want to register a company in Pakistan. They have a team that provides corporate clients with litigation and in-house legal services at all jurisdiction levels. As your future partner with company registration process, expect pragmatic assistance in various corporate areas and concerns.
What sets them apart from other law firms is the comprehensive services you can hire, along with company registration.

  • Corporate consultancy services
  • Legal advice and opinions
  • Drafting and negotiation of various agreements including complex ones like power purchase agreements, water use agreements, joint bidding agreements, shareholding agreements, etc.
  • Drafting of service and employment contracts
  • Corporate governance and its legal aspects
  • Legislative drafting advice
  • Vetting of financial and legal documentation
  • Preparing due diligence reports

By combining different services, you can have a reliable partner in the form of Josh and Mak International to guide you from company registration right through to the start and during business operation.

Josh and Mak International can also help with registering a company in Islamabad, if you are interested in exploring business opportunities in the area.

This is not to discourage you from setting up a business in Pakistan or other foreign countries, but the reality is clear – it is not going to be easy! But with Josh and Mak guiding you all the way, you can set your mind at ease.

The Josh and Mak Team
If you are reading this, chances are we will become your favourite virtual law firm at some point. In an economy where businesses have lost their strategic edge and are forced to reconsider their traditional concepts of consulting bricks and mortar law firms, which bill by the minute, we can provide you with affordable quality legal advice, delivered anywhere in the world. Since 2010, our firm has already pioneered and adopted the concept of honest and practical legal advice, delivered straight to your email inbox. In the post Covid19 era, working with the Josh and Mak Team means that, you will get the same commitment, discipline and work ethic, without the heavy Bricks and Mortar and the financial baggage which comes with the latter. Let your choice to work with Josh and Mak International become your unfair strategic advantage over your business competitors of the past, present and the future!