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At Josh and Mak International, our Oil , Gas, Mining and Energy Law blog category serves as a comprehensive resource for industry professionals, legal practitioners, policymakers, and investors interested in the dynamic and complex field of oil and gas law. This category covers a wide array of topics, from regulatory updates and legal analyses to insights on market trends and best practices in the oil, gas , mining and energy sector. Our aim is to provide timely, accurate, and insightful information that helps our readers navigate the legal intricacies of the oil and gas industry in Pakistan and beyond.If you have questions or comments please get in touch with our team at

Comparison of Pakistan Oil Refining Policy for upgradation of Existing / Brownfield Refineries, 2023 (As amended in Feb, 2024) with Pakistan Oil Refining Policy 2023 for Existing / Brownfield Refineries

Introduction The Government of Pakistan has recently amended its Brownfield Refinery Policy, reflecting significant changes aimed at modernizing and expanding the country’s refining sector. This article critically compares the old…

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