At Josh and Mak International, we provide comprehensive legal advice and support to clients in the oil and gas sector. This article aims to elucidate the Natural Gas (Wellhead Price) Regulations, 2009, and their subsequent amendments, highlighting their significance, operational impact, and legal implications. These regulations, formulated by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), establish the framework for determining and regulating wellhead prices for natural gas in Pakistan.

Natural Gas (Wellhead Price) Regulations, 2009

Background and Authority: The Natural Gas (Wellhead Price) Regulations, 2009, were promulgated by OGRA under the powers conferred by the OGRA Ordinance, 2002. These regulations are pivotal in setting the pricing framework for natural gas at the wellhead, ensuring transparency, fairness, and compliance with contractual agreements between producers and the federal government.

Key Provisions:

  1. Definitions and Scope:
    • The regulations define key terms such as ‘Authority’, ‘agreement’, ‘buyer’, ‘delivery point’, ‘gas’, ‘lease area’, ‘producer’, ‘specification gas’, and ‘wellhead price’. These definitions provide clarity and ensure uniform interpretation and application across the industry.
  2. Power to Fix Prices:
    • OGRA holds the authority to determine wellhead prices based on agreements between producers and the federal government. This determination can be initiated by OGRA itself or upon application by a producer or any interested party. The wellhead price so determined is notified in the official Gazette, making it binding and enforceable.
  3. Effect of Fixed Prices:
    • Producers are prohibited from selling natural gas at prices exceeding the wellhead price determined by OGRA. This provision ensures that gas prices remain within regulated limits, protecting consumers and maintaining market stability.
  4. Application Submission:
    • Producers must submit applications for the determination of wellhead prices in a specified format. Each application pertains to a specific lease area, ensuring detailed and area-specific price assessments.
  5. Fees:
    • The regulations stipulate fees for various applications, including the determination of wellhead prices and revisions due to calculation errors. These fees must be paid in advance, ensuring the financial sustainability of the regulatory process.
  6. Errors and Omissions:
    • OGRA can amend or revise its previous determinations if errors or omissions are identified. This can occur upon notification by the producer within six months of the original publication or at any time as directed by the federal government.
  7. Submission of Information:
    • The regulations mandate that no person shall hinder or obstruct the submission of required information, ensuring compliance and facilitating effective regulatory oversight.
  8. Fines for Breach:
    • Breaches of the regulations can result in fines up to ten million rupees, with the principle of proportionality guiding the imposition of fines. This provision underscores the importance of compliance and the consequences of regulatory violations.
  9. Protection of Producer Rights:
    • The regulations safeguard producers’ rights to charge or recover taxes, duties, or other payments as per agreements with buyers, ensuring financial fairness and adherence to contractual obligations.

Appendix I:

  • This section provides the format for submitting applications for wellhead price determination, including required documents such as power of attorney and pricing calculations.

Amendment to Natural Gas (Wellhead Price) Regulations, 2009

Background and Authority: The amendments, notified on 23rd October 2009, reflect OGRA’s ongoing commitment to refining and improving the regulatory framework. These amendments provide additional flexibility and clarity in the application of the regulations.

Key Amendment:

  • The primary amendment introduces a new sub-regulation (3) to Regulation 6, allowing OGRA the discretion to postpone, waive, or hold in abeyance the payment of fees. This can be enacted through a resolution passed in a meeting of the Authority. This amendment provides OGRA with the flexibility to accommodate exceptional circumstances, thereby enhancing the regulatory framework’s responsiveness and adaptability.

Legal and Operational Implications

Transparency and Fairness: The wellhead pricing regulations and their amendments ensure a transparent and fair process for determining natural gas prices. This protects the interests of both producers and consumers, fostering trust and stability in the market.

Regulatory Compliance: Producers must adhere to these regulations, submitting accurate applications and paying requisite fees. Non-compliance can result in significant fines and legal repercussions, emphasizing the importance of understanding and following the regulatory requirements.

Flexibility and Adaptability: The amendments provide OGRA with the flexibility to manage fee payments under exceptional circumstances. This enhances the regulatory framework’s ability to respond to market dynamics and unforeseen challenges.

Financial and Contractual Stability: By regulating wellhead prices and ensuring compliance with contractual agreements, the regulations contribute to the financial stability of the natural gas sector. Producers can plan and operate with a clear understanding of pricing mechanisms and regulatory expectations.


The Natural Gas (Wellhead Price) Regulations, 2009, and their amendments form a critical component of Pakistan’s regulatory framework for the oil and gas sector. At Josh and Mak International, we are committed to assisting our clients in navigating these regulations, ensuring compliance, and optimizing their operations within the legal framework. For detailed advice and support, please contact our expert team.

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