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Here at Josh and Mak International we can help you will all matters relating to the appointment of any employees including cases involving civil servants, regulations regarding workers or workmen, appointment and termination issues, recruitment appointments, promotions and reversion to a lower grade or service, removal from service, matters of pension, gratuity and provident funds. In short we have all the bases covered in terms of service and employment in Pakistan.

Labor Law in Pakistan is very comprehensive and contains several ordinances, acts, rules & regulations as well as many other statutes relating to industrial, commercial and labor establishments which are widely scattered and generally inaccessible. These different laws make up a comprehensive guide to the employers, the employees, the trade unions and agencies concerned to help them to realize their respective responsibilities and to become aware of their prescribed legal rights to be asserted. Our law firm has the main objective of providing the legal services concerning these labor laws to both employers and the employees enabling the smooth running of the business in order to achieve the targets of higher productively, reasonable profits and better wages.


The different Labor laws are spread as under which are alphabetically given below:

• Apprenticeship Ordinance and Rules

• Boilers & Pressure Vessels Ordinance

• Children (Pledging) of Labor Act and Employment of Children Rules

• Companies Profit (Workers Participation) Act & Rules

• Cotton Cess Act, The Cotton Ginning and Pressing Factories Act and the Cotton Act

• Disabled Persons (Employment and Rehabilitation) Ordinance and Rules

• Dock Laborers Act, Regulations and Dock Workers Employment Regulation Act

• Employees Costs of Living (Relief) Act

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• Employees Old Age Benefit Act and Rules

• Essential Personnel (Registration) Ordinance and Essential Services (Maintenance) Act

• Factories Act and Regulations & Rules

• Fatal Accident Act and Motor Vehicles Act and Ordinances and The Road Transport Worker Ordinance

• Hazardous Occupations Rules

• Immigration Ordinance & Rules

• Industrial Relation Ordinance & Rules

• Industrial Statistics Act and Labor Welfare Statistics Rules

• Maternity Benefits Ordinance & Rules

• Merchant Shipping Ordinance

• Mines Act and Rules

• National Development Volunteer Program Act & Rules

• Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Ordinance and the Compulsory Services in the Armed Services

• Payment of Wages Act, Procedure, Minimum Wages Rules

• Provisional Employees, Social Security Ordinance and Rules

• Railways Act and Railway Servants Rules

• Shops and Establishment Ordinance & Rules

• Tea Plantation Labor Ordinance

• Worker Children & Education Ordinance and Rules

• Worker Welfare Funds Ordinance & Rules and Housing and Plots Allotment Regulations

• Working Journalists Wages Board Rules and Newspaper Employees Condition and Services Act

• Workmen Compensation Act and Rules

From the above alphabetical list of related labor laws, we at Josh and Mak International appreciate that there may be many diverse nature of issues and we offer the following legal services to address these;

• Drafting & Vetting of Employment Contracts and Agreements

• Legal Notices & Replies

• Legal Opinion

• Cases before Labor Courts

• Cases before Labor Tribunals

• Cases before Social Security Courts and Appeals

• Cases before NIRC

• Cases before High Courts

• Cases before Supreme Court

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Labor Laws w.e.f. Finance Act, 2008

Minimum Wages for Unskilled Workers Ordinance, 1969

Code of Civil Procedure 1908

Key points in recent labor law changes include;

  • The level of minimum wages for unskilled workers has been raised from the present Rs. 4,600 per month to Rs. 6,000 per month.

  • Punishments – suspended workman entitled to full wages during suspension

  • Definitions of eligible employees enlarged by raising wage limit

  • Fixed rate payable under the self-assessment scheme raised

  • Employees Old-age Benefits (EOB) Act, 1976 (XIV of 1976) Applicability of EOB Extended

  • Rate of Employer’s contribution reduced

  • Old-age Pension proviso revised

  • New act applicable to to bank and banking institution employees

  • New guidelines regarding the formula on which an insured person monthly wage is calculated

It can be incredibly difficult to keep abreast of all the changes in the law whilst running a business at the same time. This is where Josh and Mak International come into their own. We will advise you on all current laws relevant to your company to enable you to run your business legally. Please give us a call today if you have any concerns regarding the current labor laws in Pakistan.

Our core competencies include:

• Professional disciplinary proceedings

• Licensing

• Rule making

• Reimbursement & rate-making

• Care Audits

• Interpretations of Public Record Stats

Employment and Labor Issues

Human Resources is an integral and essential ingredient to any business, however, legal protection and full understanding of all the legal rights and legal risks which govern employment agreements in Pakistan are the most important.

Therefore, the laws and regulations governing relationships between employers and employees are carefully scrutinized before we advise our clients as their satisfaction is our highest priority.

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Our expertise and legal assistance can be availed in all of the following areas;

Employment Agreements – Clients regularly engage our services to draft employment agreements, workplace policies and rules and regulations.

Employment, Pay & Pension Rules – We have long been advising our clients on the pay and pension rules and regulations of Pakistan as well as being hired to draft company’s pay and pension rules and regulations.

Employment Law & Labor litigation – We defend or prosecute claims of wrongful discharge, promotion, discrimination, harassment, and protection of intellectual property before tribunals, civil courts as well as in writ petitions.

Labor relations and trade unions – We will help you with wage and hourly issues, unionizing activities, collective bargaining, and interpretation of work rules, grievances and industrial disputes.

Terminations and layoffs – We provide counsel on separation agreements, as well as the legal and regulatory notice requirements associated with reductions in force and plant closures.

Restrictive Covenants/Trade Secrets – We will draft non-competition agreements and nondisclosure agreements, train employees on policies concerning confidentiality and conduct audits on trade secret protection issues.

Employee benefits and compensation – We design, implement and administer all types of employee benefits and executive compensation programs.

Health & Safety – We help you to develop safety programs and conduct preventative audits to determine potential workplace and legal risks. Should the need arise, we provide excellent defense regarding the allegations.

If you are unsure about any aspect of Pakistan labor law, please contact us today for a confidential consultation at +03005075993

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