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Refused UK Visa and UK Immigration Appeals

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While one problem in getting timely UK immigration for Pakistani Citizens is the fact that over the last many years the UK Border Agency has been making the Immigration Rules tighter and introducing tougher criteria for most of the UK visa categories. It has also been noted that a significant number of applicants face the refusal due to fault/error or omission of the Entry Clearance Officer or The Secretary of State who are unable to consider the documents provided or on the Balance of Probabilities.

Our team can help you appeal against your decisions being refused on the balance of probabilities as the applicant has high chances in order to prove that the probabilities have been assessed wrongly and judges do appreciate the circumstances explained to them on the basis of evidence. Please feel free to contact us and email us at [email protected] in the event you have been refused a visa in the UK for a Spouse/Marriage Visa or any other visa category our team will need to assess your circumstances and we need a copy of the refusal letter before we start advising you with an option to either make a new application or an Appeal against the decision. Please note that if a new application is submitted to the ECO or the Secretary of state you will have to declare your first refusal or any subsequent refusals in all other applications and at times it can be treated as having a negative effect on your application.

In our experience, a high refusal rate has been seen on UK spouse visas, UK student visas (Tier 4 visa), UK Family Visitor Visa Tier 1 and Tier 2 Dependent Visas and Elderly and Child Dependent visa. Mostly these cases go to the court due to the complex circumstances and evidences not being explained at the time of application process. Having your visa refused does not mean that you will never succeed in your application and this is one perception we try to keep changing for our clients.

Benefits of an UK Immigration Appeal:

  • Increases the chances of the visa being granted
  • Is sometimes cheaper than making a fresh application
  • You have the chance of explaining to the judge your case in person
  • You will be referred to and represented by an experienced barrister and Solicitor who will prepare your bundle of Appeal and defend your Case.

Time Limits for appeals:

It is very important that the appeals our lodged in time to the AIT, the time limits differ according to the circumstances:

Detention/deportation Appeals – 5 Days

In country Refusal – 10 Days

Out of Country Refusal – 28 Days

Appeal to Upper Tribunal – 5 days after refusal from FTT

 Our team of lawyers in the UK and associated law firms can make:

  • Applications to the Home Office, including human rights applications and concessionary or discretionary applications
  • Applications for Humanitarian Protection
  • Representing clients in correspondence with the Home Office and at Home Office interviews
  • Representations to the Home Office in support of cases
  • Drafting client statements, including asylum statements
  • Submitting One-Stop Notices
  • Lodging notices of appeal and statements of additional grounds
  • Applications for temporary admission and Chief Immigration Officers bail
  • Representations regarding on-going immigration casework to MPs
  • Instructing a barrister or advocate for advice and to advise on drafting appropriate grounds of appeal and submitting appeals to Tribunal and also instruct them to appear in the court if needed.

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