August 3, 2020

Timely/Expeditious Disposal of Cases Daily Legal Advice Series 2

Did you know that it is your legal right to have your case decided in a timely/expeditious manner.The law is very clear about this as discussed below.The National Judicial Policy (2009) is also very clear in this regard.Our team would be pleased to be of assistance if you are facing unreasonable delay in having your case heard at a judicial tribunal.To know your chances of success in a legal matter ask us for a free consultation at

Expeditious disposal of cases–Special directions for–Care should be taken that justice is not sacrificed at the altar of expeditious disposal of cases–It must be clarified that direction by a superior court for disposal of a case within a particular period of time is always directory in nature and such a direction should be followed as far as possible, keeping in view interest of justice–Where court finds that consistent with demands of law and justice it is not possible to decide case within directed time limit, a request can be made for extension of time.PLJ 1996 Lahore 1115

Expeditious disposal of cases–Special directions for–Reasonable opportunity of hearing is pivotal point of our judicial system–Every other consideration however pious it my be, has to yield to fundamental principle of law that fair opportunity of hearing has to be afforded to affected parties by every court/tribunal. PLJ 1996 Lahore 1115

Expeditious disposal of cases–Special directions for expeditious disposal of cases are issued by superior courts for purpose of expeditious decisions of cases in accordance with law–Hearing/trial of cases should be so managed that parties many not be deprived of their right of reasonable opportunity of hearing. PLJ 1996 Lahore 1115

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