August 8, 2020

PPRA Rules Query

Client Query 142:- Hi, wanted to discuss a scenario with you that PPL is pioneer of the Natural Gas Industry in the country and has been a frontline player in the energy sector since the mid-1950s. As a major supplier of Natural Gas and contributes a substantial percent of the country’s total Natural Gas supplies besides producing Crude Oil, Natural Gas Liquids and Liquefied Petroleum Gas. It is also pertinent to mention here that company always follow all applicable and adheres to all the legal formalities and steps involved in all operations. PPL prides itself in carrying out all its activities in accordance with the highest professional, ethical and legal standards. In continuation of above, we would like to take your guidance on the following; Can we establish a Direct Contract under clause C (v) of Rule 42, as there is no other alternate available (Especially after the Civil Aviation Authority’s decision of holding shakedown tests of PIA’s entire ATR fleet, it was decided to keep all 10 ATR aircraft grounded till they are cleared after thorough examination.) to commute our Staff from Karachi to Sui, Balochistan and vice-versa on rotation basis for continuing the Operational Activities of the Plant. Presently, we are facing an operational emergency state which may lead to abnormal situation and requires prompt and immediate action. Your response will assist and direct us to take the decision accordingly.


Nasir Hamid, UK


Answer:- As per Rule-42 (v) in case of an emergency:
Provided that the procuring agencies shall specify appropriate for a vested with necessary authority to declare an emergency. “Emergency” means natural calamities, disasters, accidents, war and operational emergency which may give rise to abnormal situation requiring prompt and immediate action to limit or avoid damage to person, property or the environment.

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