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Client Query 128:- Hi, wanted to ask that for our different jobs, both in office and field, we always require services of skilled, semi skilled and non-skilled manpower. And these jobs are recurring. So we can not fix the strength of manpower. It totally depends upon nature and time duration of job. We intend to hire services of contractors who would provide such manpower as and when required basis. For processing of tender enquiry to hire such services of contractors, we need your guidance w.r.t. to following points:-

1 For what maximum period we can enter into the contract.

2 If a clause “Initially the contract shall be awarded for one year period which is further extendable for period up to one year on same terms and conditions with mutual consent of the both parties” can be made part of tender enquiry and subsequent formal contract.

3 Can we float a tender enquiry mentioning category of manpower only(like helper, carpenter, electrician etc) and ask bidder to quote the rates/ wages category – wise manpower. And then award the contract accordingly and require them to provide manpower as & when required basis as per rates stipulated in the contract.

4 If a contract is awarded for period of one year, can it be extended upto 15% as per PPRA Rules.

Your earliest advice in this regard would be highly appreciated!
Iqbal Ahmed, UK


Answer:- Thank you for writing to us! As per your query, the replies of above raised queries are as under: –

(1) Your organizationĀ can enter into contract with the contractor depending upon the nature and duration of services required. Normally, signing of contracts for long duration exceeding three years is not recommended. (2) Yes.

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(3) Yes.

(4) Please consult Rule 42(c)(iv) of Public Procurement Rules, 2004.

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