August 2, 2020

Upcoming Pakistan (KPK) Mineral Policy for 2014

Update: This Policy Is Now Available on Our Website at OREM.Click here

The new Pakistan (KPK) Mineral Policy for 2014 is due to be launched by the KPK provincial government today (7th of July , 2014). We will be offering detailed advice to our valued clients on our website soon, as to how this may affect the current and prospective business of companies involved in the KPK mines and mineral sector. It is being said that this policy will aim to encourage small- and large-scale mining with attractive incentives for foreign investment.

The policy also addresses phasing out of explosives in the mining sector and using latest technology in exploration of mines in order to open new vistas of mineral development in the province. There is also a stress on ensuring better health and training facilities for the mining labour while a specific portion of the income would be spent on the welfare of local community.


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