(Health Division)
Islamabad, the 10th February, 1999

S.R.O. 96(I)/99.– In exercise of the powers conferred by section 12 of the Drugs Act, 1976. (XXXI of 1976), Federal Government is pleased to refix the maximum prices of the drugs specified in the Schedule below subject to the conditions and furnishing of the information specified below:–

(i) The manufacturers and importers shall determine the retail price of the drugs within the ceiling fixed for the respective drugs; and

(ii) The manufacturers and importers shall regularly communicate retail prices of all drugs, whether specified in the Scheduled or not, to the Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Health, (Health Division), and print them on the label in the manner prescribed by the Drugs (Labelling and Packing) Rules, 1986.


S. No.

Name of Drug



Maximum Price
(in rupees)

1. Diclofenac Tablet 25mg Rs. 94.18 30’s
2. Diclofenac Tablet 50mg Rs. 100.80 20’s
3. Diclofenac (S.R) Tablet 100mg Rs. 295.88/30’s
4. Diclofenac Injection 75mg 3ml Rs. 119.10/5 Amps
5. Amoxycillin Injection 250mg Rs. 33.84/I Vial
6. Amoxycillin Injection 500mg Rs. 53.33/I Vial
7. Ampicillin Injection 250mg Rs. 20.55/I Vial
8. Ampicillin Injection 500mg Rs. 32.07/I Vial
9. Ceftriaxone Injection 250mg Rs. 706.97/5 Injection
10. Ceftriaxone Injection 500mg Rs. 1213.72/5 Injection
11. Ceftriaxone Injection 1gm Rs. 2385.45/5 Injection
12 Doxycycline Tablet/Cap. 100mg Rs. 5.53/Tab/Cap.
13. Gentamycin Injection 80mg/2ml Rs. 258.69/10’sx2ml
14. Gentamycin Injection 160mg/2ml Rs. 40.19/2ml
15. Ciprofloxacin Tab/Capsule 250mg Rs. 286.70/10’s
16. Ciprofloxacin Tab/Capsule 500mg Rs. 504.60/10’s
17. Ciprofloxacin L.V Infusion 2mg/mlx50ml Rs. 395.43/50ml
18. Ofloxacin Tablet 200mg Rs. 296.79/10’s
19. Amlodipine Tablet 5mg Rs. 238.50/20’s
20. Amlodipine Tablet 10mg Rs. 466.50/20’s
21. Atenolol Tablet 50mg Rs. 85.50/14’s
22. Atenolol Tablet 100mg Rs. 130.50/14’s
23. Captopril Tablet 25mg Rs. 133.30/20’s
24. Captopril Tablet 50mg Rs. 261.20/20’s
25. Diltiazem HCL Tablet 30mg Rs. 378.45/100’s
26. Diltiazem HCL Tablet 60mg Rs. 688.10/100’s
27. Diltiazem HCL (SR) Tablet 90mg Rs. 185.79/15’s
28. Diltiazem HCL (SR) Tablet 180mg Rs. 356.08/15’s
29. Nifedipine Tablet/Cap. 10mg Rs. 106.75/30’s
30. Nifedipine (SR) Tablet/Cap 20mg Rs. 148.62/30’s
31. Cimetidine Tablet 200mg Rs. 87.91/20’s
32. Cimetidine Tablet 400mg Rs. 81.62/10’s
33. Famotidine Tablet 20mg Rs. 243.81/20’s
34. Famotidine Tablet 40mg Rs. 263.70/10’s
35. Omeprazole Capsule 20mg Rs. 688.10/14’s
36. Ranitidine Tablet 150mg Rs. 88.20/10’s
37. Fluoxetine HCL Capsule 20mg Rs. 264.60/7’s
38. Fluconazole Capsule 50mg Rs. 841.05/7’s
39. Fluconazole Capsule 150mg Rs. 384.40/1’s
40. Fluconazole Suspension 10mg/ml Rs. 934.51/35ml
41. Mebendazole Tablet 100mg Rs. 1029.73/300’s
42. Mebendazole Tablet 500mg Rs. 17.26/1’s
43. Co-trimaxazole Tablet Tablet Rs. 279.82/200’s
44. Co-trimaxazole DS Tablet Tablet Rs. 253.45/100’s
45. Hepatitis B-Vaccine Vaccine 10meg Rs. 214.45/1 Vial
45. Hepatitis B-Vaccine Vaccine 20meg Rs. 354.62/1 Vial

[No. F. 9-12/98-Price.]
Deputy Drugs Controller,