Client Query  148:- Hi, would you kindly advise applicability of PPRA on obtaining legal services or hiring of Attorney? Keeping in view of its emergent requirement according to varying nature of litigations. Please if you guide us with your best advice!


Answer:- Thank you very much for writing to us! As per your query, according to Public Procurement Rules, 2004 govern the procurement of goods, works and services. Hiring the services of legal counsel / Attorney can be categorised as service defined in Section 2(o) of PPRA Ordinance, 2002. As per Section 4 of PPRA Ordinance, 2002 Federal Government may, as and when considers necessary, issue directives to the Authority on matters of policy, and such directives shall be binding on the Authority. A clarification was sought on the subject issue from M/o Law, Justice and Human Rights as the Ministry regarding hiring of legal counsels from time to time issued instructions. However, no clear directions were given. Hope this answers your query!

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By The Josh and Mak Team

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