August 3, 2020

PPRA Rules Query on Acceptance of Bids/Negotiations

Client Query 180:- Hello, We intend to purchase a couple of horses for our riding school at the Academy. Tenders were held twice but no one could fulfill the criteria. Army has a farm at Mohna (Remount Depot Mohna) and we started correspondence with them. They have the horses who meet the required criteria for riding horses. Their price tag is also less than the bids, which were received. Could you kindly suggest how to go about this kind of direct contracting as soon as possible? Thanks!


Mohsin Alvi, Pakistan


Answer:- Thank you very much for writing to us! As per your query, first of all what you need to do is that please ask the concerned supplier to participate in bidding process. However, for direct contracting and negotiating tendering as provided under Rule 42 (c) & (d) of Public Procurement Rules, 2004 Civil Services Academy is required to meet any of the relevant condition mentioned therein and fulfill the codal formalities. Hope this helps!

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