Aluminium Ingot A7
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Managing Metal Transactions

Our firm has been involved in a number of metal transactions in the year 2022.The experience we have had is not only valuable, but has allowed us to manage future transactions much more diligently.This short post is about LC’s (Letter of Credits) being used for payment of Metal Products like Aluminium and Copper. If the

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Josh and Mak International starts work with Metal Trading from China

Josh and Mak International is proud to start work with several trading companies and factories from China in the field of Metal Trading.So far we have worked diligently to secure the following products for our buyers : Aluminum Products Available from China.Aluminium A7 Aluminium A8 Aluminium 6061 Aluminium 6063 Aluminium Billets  Copper from ChinaCopper Millberry wire scrap Copper Cathode plates Copper

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