September 30, 2020

Drug Notification S.R.O. 1038(I)/94



(Health Division)

      Islamabad, the 16th October, 1994

S.R.O. 1038(I)/94.– In exercise of the powers conferred by section 12 of the Drugs Act, 1976 (XXXI of 1976), the Federal Government is pleased to fix the maximum prices of drugs specified in the schedule to this Ministry Notification No. S.R.O. 471(I)/93, dated 12th June, 1993, at 7.5 per cent over and above the maximum prices specified in the fifth column of the said Schedule.

This increase in prices shall be applicable from the 1st day of November, 1994, till the 31st October, 1995, after which:

“An annual increase shall be allowed on the basis of percentage, to be determined by the Economic Coordination Committee, of the inputs calculated at the following formula:–

(D1 X CP1) + (M1 X ER)

In which:

D1-represents the share of Domestic Inputs of the local industrial costs of the Pharmaceutical Industry based on the latest census for the manufacturing industries published by the Federal Bureau of Statistics;

MI-represents the share of imported inputs in the total industrial costs of the Pharmaceutical industry;

CPI-represents the annual inflation rate as measured by the Consumer Price Index provided by the Federal Bureau of Statistics;

ER-represents the annual change in the exchange rate of the Pakistan Rupee against the U.S. Dollar”;

All other conditions specified in the Notification No. S.R.O. 471(I)/93, dated the 12th June, 1993, referred to above shall continue to apply to this increase.

[No. F. 9-20/91-Price (Pt. II.]


Deputy Secretary.


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