Type Approval Regulations, 2004


9th July, 2004


            S. R. O. 797(I)2004–In exercise of the powers conferred under Clause(O) of Sub-section (2) of Section 5 of the Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-organization) Act, 1996 (Act XVII of 1996), the Authority is pleased to make the following Regulations:





1. Short title and Commencement. __ (1) These Regulations may be called the Type Approval Regulations, 2004.

(2)   They shall come into force at once.

2. Definitions. __Unless the context or subject otherwise requires the definitions of the Act shall apply to the words and phrases used in these Regulations.

3. Terminal Equipment Standards. __ (1) All telecommunication terminal equipment shall conform to the Standards as laid down by the Authority.

Provided that the copy of the standards may be made available in the offices of the Authority and on the PTA website:

(2)           Where the Standards referred to in Sub-regulation (1) are not available, the telecom equipment shall conform to the Standards as adopted by the Authority.

(3)           The Equipment required for testing the terminal equipment and network conditions shall also be presented to the Authority for approval.


Type Approval Procedures


4. Application. __(1) Type Approval Certificate may, subject to requirements, be issued to any person, class of persons, company or corporation.

(2)           Application for type approval certificate shall be made on prescribed form (as in Annex A’) accompanied with supporting information as specified in Regulation 6.

(3)           Any concealment of material facts, whatever may be, by the applicant or his agent at the time of submitting application or thereafter shall render the certificate liable to be cancelled.

(4)           Application can be made by or on behalf of manufacturer or supplier of terminal equipment.

Provided that:

(a)           Every product for which type approval is being sought, the local distributor shall present a letter from the original manufacturer or supplier stating whether the manufacturer or supplier would like to have type approval in his name, or any local distributor can obtain an exclusive type approval of the product on its own;

(b)           Local companies or firm authorized by the manufacturers or supplier to obtain type approval on their own will be granted type approval and will be allowed to market the same;

Provided that in such cases, more than one authorized distributors will be allowed to have type approval separately under their names by meeting all the administrative, financial and technical requirements independent of each other;

(c)            If the manufacturer abroad intends to obtain type approval under his name, the names of all the authorized distributors (confirmed/certified by the manufacturers) will be indicated in the type approval certificate, so that legal distributors can import and market the equipment; and

(d)           If the manufacturer abroad obtain type approval in its own name and do not nominate any local distributor, then any local company or firm shall be allowed to market that equipment after giving sufficient proof of provision of after sale service.

(5)           Application for certificate referred to in Sub-regulation (2) shall be made for one brand or model of the equipment only.

5. Equipment Samples for Testing. __ (1) The applicant shall provide two samples for type approval testing.

(2)  The applicant shall ensure that the description of the Type of equipment manufactured/supplied later shall be in accordance with the samples provided to the Authority for type approval.

6. Supporting Information.__ The applicant, in addition to the information required from time to time, shall furnish the following pre-test information along with the application referred to in Sub-regulation (2) of Regulation 4:

(a)           Functional description of the equipment;

(b)           Original catalogue (data sheet);

(c)            Marketing brochure;

(d)           Users manual;

(e)           Installation Manual;

(f)            Declaration of safety requirements;

(g)           Technical description of the product;

(h)           Set of circuit schematic and functional block diagrams; and

(i)             Approval and safety certificates form an accredited laboratory (if manufactured abroad).

7. Submission of Supporting Information. __ (1) Two copies of supporting information referred to in Sub-regulation (2) of Regulation (4) and Regulation (6) for all type of terminal equipment, shall be sent to the Authority.

(2)       All applications shall be addressed to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Headquarters, F-5/1, Islamabad. {Attention DG (Technical)}.

8. Application / Type approval Fee. __ (1) The applicant shall pay the application fee (as in Annex “B”) along with the application for each type of terminal equipment.

(2)           The fee shall be charged on approval of the equipment.

(3)           The amount specified asApplication/TypeApproval fee is to be deposited in the name of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority in a prescribed bank.

(4)           The aforesaid fee may be payable by any of the recognized modes of payment, i.e., bank draft, bank deposit slip, pay order etc.

  1. Accredited Laboratories. __ (1) The applicant shall make arrangements, with any of the Authority’s accredited laboratories, for testing of the samples/equipments. Provided that the test must confirm the equipment with the prescribed standards and their associated conditions.

(2)           The Authority may acknowledge the tests conducted by the world-renowned labs. However, it has right to get the equipment re-tested from any of its accredited labs.

(3)           The presence of applicant during the test in the laboratory shall be encouraged in order to facilitate the testing of the equipment for the purpose of Type Approval Certificate.

  1. Processing of Application by the Authority. __ (1) As an initial assessment the Authority after receiving application and doing necessary evaluation shall allot a reference number to the applicant for the purpose of future correspondence and identification of the application.

(2)           For assessment of test reports the Authority shall not assess the associated test report until the Type Approval Application Fee has been received.

(3)           Any query, which could not be resolved by the laboratory, may be submitted in writing to the Authority for its effective resolution.

  1. Special Test Committee (STC). __ (1) The Authority may decide if existing standards are inadequate in assessing the terminal equipment, to refer the case to the committee comprising of the following officers to lay down appropriate standards and procedure for testing of equipment:

(a)      Director (Standards)

(b)     Director (Engineering)

(c)      Deputy Director (Type Approval)

(2)     Applicant shall cooperate in furnishing all supporting information/ technical details to formulate and finalize required procedure as well as standards to test the new equipment.

Part- III
Type Approval Certificate


12. Type Approval Certificate. __(1) The Type Approval Certificate may be issued when the Authority is satisfied that:

(a)      the applicant complies with the Type Approval Regulations;

(b)     the terminal equipments meet (s) all the relevant requirements; and

(c)      all fees have been paid by the applicant

(2)           The Type Approval Certificate shall include the following:

(a)         identification of the certificate holder/company;

(b)         identification of the equipment;

(c)          the Standards to which the equipment conforms; and

(d)         place of manufacture.

(3)           The Authority may cancel the Type Approval Certificate and with draw the approval on any of the following grounds:

(a)           acts or omission done by the certificate holder contrary to the Type Approval Regulations;

(b)           violation of Type Approval Conditions; and

(c)            if the Checked tests show that the current equipment differs in any way from the original test sample, other than approved modifications.

13. Updating the Type Approval Certificate. __(1) All proposed changes in certified equipment, however small, shall be assessed by the applicant for the purpose of compliance with the prescribed standards and approval from theAuthority.

(2)       The applicant shall send full details of the changes made in the terminal equipment which need testing with supporting diagrams.

(3)      The applicant shall notify to the Authority, if any of the information on his certificate or approved document becomes outdated, i.e.,

(a)      the name or address of the holder, or /and

(b)     the name or model number under which the equipment is marketed.

14. Radio/S atellite Based Telecom Terminal Equipment. __ For Type approval of Radio/Satellite based Telecom Terminal Equipment the applicant shall:

(a)           obtain frequency clearance from Frequency Allocation Board (FAB) for their respective equipment;

(b)           apply, subject to Sub-regulation (1) (a), in due course on a prescribed form and payment of prescribed fees along-with the following:

(i)           original copy of frequency clearance from FAB;

(ii)         complete literature, technical specification/brochures; and

(iii)       copy of the type approval certificate of the equipment issued by any other regulatory body.

(c)            operate only after it has obtained Type Approval of its items and has provided monitoring equipment for corresponding items.

  1. 15.     Terminal Equipment Installers. __ (1) No person shall install any telecommunication equipment as part or connect terminal equipment (other than by a plug into socket connection) except in manner prescribed by the Authority.

(2)         The Authority may approve contractors for installation of terminal equipment.

(3)         The users/customers may either have their terminal equipment installed by the contractor or Telecom Carrier who is providing the service to such customer(s).

  1. 16.     Skill.—The Authority, in approving the contractors referred to in Regulation (15), shall ensure that their staff possesses necessary skills/qualification and that the contractor is well equipped with the required equipment and assets for that purpose.

Part IV


  1. 17.     Promotion of Indignations items. __The Authority may impose a condition that the grant of Type Approval of certain selected terminal equipment shall be granted to the items produced in Pakistan.

  1. 18.     Acceptance of Certificate of Foreign Laboratories.__The Authority may accept a certificate issued by a foreign regulatory authority or world-renowned Laboratory in case where the manufacturing of certain terminal equipment is not economically viable in the country.

  1. 19.     Type Approval Register. __The Authority shall maintain a register of all terminal equipment and installers thereof approved under these Regulations and shall keep it open to public inspection. It shall be updated on monthly basis in consultation with the concerned department.

  1. 20.     Customer’s Choice. __ The customers shall have the option to use/ install any terminal equipment approved by the Authority.

  1. 21.     Invalidated Type Approval.__All TypeApprovals and Licenses issued prior to the promulgation of the Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-organization) Act, 1996 or issued in contravention to these Regulations shall stand invalid and shall be renewed within 45 days of the issuance of these Regulations.

  1. 22.     Labeling of Type Approved Equipment. __The certificate holder shall:

(a)           Affix green round paper Seals with the phase “Approved by PTA ,year………” on each item of their production. Also affix brown rectangular label on each equipment item containing details regarding serial number of the equipment and year of its manufacture.

(b)           Manufacturer(s)/ importer(s)/dealer(s) shall, specifically, mention that the terminal equipment offered by them is “approved by PTA” in all of their advertisements.