Punjab Excise Barrier Rules

19.1 The Excise Commissioner may establish excise outposts at such places as it may think fit on any road, or at any ferry, for the prevention of the smuggling of excisable articles opium and may depute Excise Inspectors or Sub-Inspectors to be in charge of such outposts.

19.2 The driver of any vehicle or laden animal arriving at an excise post shall stop his vehicle or animal on arrival at the outpost until the Excise Officer has conducted his search. The Excise Officer will proceed with the search forthwith.

19.3 The Excise Officer incharge of the outpost shall permit the vehicle or animal to proceed unless he has reason to exercise any of his powers of search under section 47 of the Punjab Excise Act or Section 15 of the Opium Act.

19.4 Complaints of wrongful detection may be recorded in book kept for the purpose. This book will be submitted to the District Magistrate at the end of each month