Can a Minor be a partner or director?

No, under the current legal framework in Pakistan, a minor cannot be a partner or director in a firm or company. The law does not permit individuals who are minors (below the age of 18) to hold positions of partnership or directorship in a business entity.

The Pakistan Companies Act, 2017, governs the formation, management, and operation of companies in Pakistan. According to the Act, directors of a company must be individuals who have attained the age of majority, which is 18 years in Pakistan. Similarly, partnerships, which are governed by the Partnership Act, 1932, typically require all partners to be competent adults.

Minors are generally considered legally incapable of entering into binding contracts or assuming the responsibilities associated with partnership or directorship roles. This is because minors are deemed to lack the legal capacity and maturity required for such positions.

It is important to adhere to the legal requirements and appoint individuals who meet the age and competency criteria for partnership or directorship roles in a firm or company. Failing to comply with these requirements may have legal implications and could invalidate the company’s operations or agreements.

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