PPE Legal Series

Exporting PPE to Saudi Arab?

The Saudi Food and Drug Administration has a very clear legal regime, even though certain matters may get your PPE consignments stuck at customs.For this purpose we often recommend documenting these matters in your commercial PPE contracts with Saudi buyers and end buyers. SFDA did make some commendable Regulatory efforts post COVID and expedited the

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3M COVID19 Respirators Our News

3M Scam Alert- Use of Dubious Escrow Accounts In the Name of “3M Process”

The Month of August 2020 finally brought us all the confirmation of the little doubt, which allowed unscrupulous brokers and intermediaries to employ the tools of LOI and POF to skim people’s financial information. Most of the agents/scammers make you sign NDAs and expect you to remain mute about their criminal activities. Very often they

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