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Compliance checklist-Ensuring effective distribution of funds for heirs of deceased employees for Medium to Large Private Business Owners

The death of an employee can be emotionally painful and can cause many  practical legal problems at the workplace and for the employer especially if that employee had access to a lot of your key documentation and was responsible for a lot of company/corporate work. A key question which often comes forward is how to

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How effective are your company’s non-compete clauses?

Lately there has been an influx of queries from both sides at our firm about non-compete clauses which have been glorified due to their promise of protecting large multinational companies against competition from ex-employees who would know valuable trade-secrets or against current employees considering the greener grass fields shown by a rival company hoping the

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Fundamentals of Employment law in Pakistan

This article is for basic guidance of our clients only.For more information, please contact us at 0300-5075993 or email us at [email protected] Many people have been curious about the nature of employment within the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Thus, learning a thing or two about the basic law on employment will shed some light into

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