September 27, 2020

Send a legal notice anywhere in the world for less than $200

The name of the law firm on your legal notice matters! We are now offering this limited service for start-ups and small businesses, in our wish to make our contribution to helping them get effective and affordable legal help.

Send a legal notice anywhere in the world for less than $200

To avail this service just write Code ‘LEG560’ in the subject line of your email and we will send you details of our service.

As you are all aware , we have been hard at work, bringing in bigger and better technologically innovative changes, to the way we operate.We are hoping to offer many more legal services in the coming month like an express service which will be at a budget cost serving small business owners and businesses in getting their companies, partnerships and trademarks registered quickly and promptly!

The requisite documentation for this service can be transferred to us via fax and/or email.Currently we accept payment through cheques and bank transfers.

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