ADIL TEXTILE MILLS LTD. through its Chief Executive and another V e r s u s SUI NORTHERN GAS PIPELINE LIMITED through its Duly Authorized Officer
Judge Name: Nasir Saeed Sheikh Judgment Result: Case remanded Other Law Journal References: civil procedure code, 1908 (v of 1908)– —-o. viii, r. 10–right for submission of written statement–term written statement was not applied by civil court–closing right to submit written statement–validity–penal provisions of order viii, r. 10 of cpc have to be interpreted strictly in order to invoke upon the facts and circumstances of a case–suit for recovery of huge amount was filed by sui Gas company against textile mills–dismissal of civil revision even for default would result into grave miscarriage of justice as an order violative of law pronounced by s.c. will be allowed to continue–order passed by civil judge closing right to submit written statement was not legally passed–civil court was directed to allow petitioners a reasonable opportunity to submit written statement.