Ch. MUHAMMAD ASLAM V e r s u s ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN through Secretary to the Govt. of Pakistan Law, Justice and Human Right
Judge Name: Sayed Zahid Hussain, C.J. and Judgment Result: Petition disposed of Other Law Journal References: —-art. 32–constitution of Pakistan, 1973, art. 199–constitutional petition–petitioner assailed the order passed president of Pakistan–petitioner being consumer of sui Northern Gas Company filed a complaint against exorbitant bill before Wafaqi Mohtasib–alleging maladministration and wrong billing–challenging the order of acting ombudsman–objection as to limitation as well as maintainability of representation in his reply before president–validity–while performing his functions u/art. 32 of order, the president acts in a quasi judicial and not in an administrative capacity–question of limitation has not been dealt within impugned order which ought to have been dealt as a vested right accrues to either of the party on expiry of limitation–order suffers from such flaw of serious nature–petition disposed of