Presumption of guilt–Evidentiary value of Video and Audio Tape Conversation–Recovery of Narcotics–Drug trafficking is a menace both at domestic and global level–Countries all over the world have enacted Special Laws to combat that crime–Promulgation of the Control of Narcotic Substances Act, 1997 is a special law which reflects the resolve of law maker to deal with offences–It had spelt out the offences, had laid down procedure for arrest of the accused, for inquiry, investigation and trial of offences–Held: Ombit of Contraband activity and criminal transactions may entail sophisticated conspiracy and methodology, procedure laid down under this law has certain special features–Accused has committed an offence if he is found in possession of any narcotic drug/substance or material mentioned therein unless he satisfactorily explains and proves to contrary–Further held: Presumption in law, initial burden continues to be on prosecution–Prosecution has successfully discharged its burden of proof that onus shift on accused to rebut presumption, which the law has raised.