Contention that narcotics were recovered from secret cavities of truck loaded with bricks and appellant had no conscious knowledge of it–It was asserted that in absence of mens rea appellant could not be held guilty of offence of smuggling narcotics–Learned counsel went on to say that owner and conductor of truck were let off by raiding party and appellant was made victim of circumstances on account of his inability to grease palm of police officials–Submission of learned counsel is not tenable–There is nothing on file in support of plea taken by appellant–Mere assertion of appellant that he was totally unaware of contraband lying in truck, without a positive attempt on his part to substantiate same, is of no avail–It is difficult to believe that huge quantity of narcotics was concealed in truck and driver remained ignorant of it—Held appellant was fully aware and he had knowledge about narcotics In question lying In secret cavities of truck