9. Properties disproportionate to his known source–Allegation of-Trial Court on basis of evidence had found that appellant failed to account for deposit of specified amount in his bank account—Statement of accounts produced by prosecution witness, however, showed that such account never had a balance of specified amount therein–Whole transaction was operative during nine years and finally account of appellant became inoperative with a balance of partly amount of few rupees-Appellant for various deposit in account in the past, gave explanation that his uncle who was a British National, used to provide him money for investment in some business-Appellant’s uncle was examined and he supported version of appellant–Total rejection of such evidence would be arbitrary-There was possibility of version of appellant being true and such possibility creates doubt in prosecution case with reference to presumption against appellant–No reason was pointed out to discard such evidence–Possibility was that version of appellant might be true, which renders prosecution case to be doubtful-Appellant was entitled to benefit of doubt and consequential acquittal–Appeal allowed