Judge Name: SARDAR JAWAID NAWAZ KHAN, MALIK HAMID SAEED AND MIAN MUHAMMAD AJMAL Judgment Result: Appeal dismissed. Other Law Journal References: -s. 154-delayed fir-complainant, being young boy of 16/17 years of age, had no knowledge of intricacies involved in delay of lodging F.I.R.-after killing of his brother and uncle he rushed to his house to inform inmates about unfortunate occurrence-this conduct of complainant, in circumstances, is most natural-he must have consumed some time in the process-thereafter, he went to road side to hire pick-up-his assertion that he could not find pickup also appears to be quite genuine-young boy finding no vehicle for transporting dead bodies, of three persons to police station, returned to scene of occurrence-admittedly, investigating officer was on routine ‘Gasht’ of ilaqa on eventful day when at about 7.30 pm he was informed about occurrence-he, therefore, rushed to place of occurrence-on reaching there he met complainant who reported incident-report was reduced into writing in form of “murasila” by investigating officer and then sent to police station where fir was registered-time consumed by complainant in informing inmates of his house, his efforts to fetch pickup for transportation of dead bodies and his return to scene of occurrence, all taken together, would indicate that time of occurrence as alleged cannot be doubted-this also explains as to why lodging of report was delayed-held : delay in lodging fir has been, therefore, completely and satisfactorily explained-Sardar Jawaid Nawaz khan j. and Mian Muhammad Ajmal j. agreeing.