Whether by promulgation and enforcement of Act, 1997 Prohibition Hadd Order, 1979 stands repealed–Question of–Cardinal principle of repeal of statutes is repeal of a statute if it be not express should not be inferred lightly on basis of doctrine of implied repeal unless there are compelling reason therefor which may show that existing statute and subsequent statute are so inconsistent that they cannot co-exist and stand together–Implied repeal of statute has generally been not approved by courts–Preamble of two statutes clearly indicate that two are intended to achieve different purposes, Hadd Order to ensure that laws in relation to intoxication are in conformity with principles of Islam, where as Ordinance/Act to consolidation laws relating to Narcotics and to eradicate spread of this menace–This apparently shows that, subsequent enactment was neither intended to repeal former nor it can so do–An appraisal of Articles 3 and 4 of Prohibition (Enforcement of Hadd) Order, 1979 and of Sections 6, 7, 8 and 9 of Act, 1997 also shows that provisions of two statutes are not inconsistent with each other and there would be no impediment in their co-existence and thus there is no reason to infer implied repeal of Hadd order by promulgation of later statute.