Recovery of heroin– Whether A.S.I. was competent to search and arrest appellant for recovery of narcotics–Question of–Perusal of Art. 22 of Control of Narcotic Substances Ordinance VI of 1995 when read in light of Art. 21 of same Ordinance has made High Court to hold that A.S.I. was not competent and having authority to detain, search and arrest appellant for recovery of narcotics–Power and authority to set law in motion is linked with substantive jurisdiction without ,which proceedings could not be initiated and consequently could not be processed with by A.S.I–No person from public was joined–Alleged recovery witnessed by subordinate of A.S.I. shall have to be viewed with caution and same as such has no legal force–Held : Sentence recorded against appellant is illegal being coram non judice–Appeal accepted.