MULTAN GLASS WORKS MULTAN V e r s u s Haji MUHAMMAD RAMZAN through Legal Representatives
Judge Name: MUHAMMAD NASEEM CHAUDHRI Judgment Result: Appeal dismissed. Other Law Journal References: s. 21-ejectment application for persona1, use-acceptance of-appeal against-it is the choice of land lord to use a property which according to his own desire is suitable for business he has to start-no material has been brought on file to make out that possession of disputed property is required by Multan development authority-moreover this is a matter between land lord and mda and appellant has no concern with same so as to non suit the land lord-he is not entitled to legal benefit thereof-held : ejectment petition has not been filed with unclean hands which is based on bonafides-appeal disrnissed-however appellant was allowed to remove super structure and machinery and to withdraw security of sui Gas and telephone connections from concerned departments.