S. 4–Case FIR No. 161/96 u/S. 302/324/34 PPC under Trial with Special Judge, Suppression of Terrorist Activities, Multan while complaint u/S. 302/324 PPC under adjudication with Addl. Sessions Judge, Arifwala—Transfer of complaint case to Special Judge–Prayer for–Jurisdiction of Special Court–Bare reading of S. 4 of Terrorist Activities Act and schedule attached to it, makes it abundantly clear that offences with regard to pistol simplicitor and 12 bore gun, are not included in clause (c) and (cc) of Act–Special Court is creation of statutes of Special Courts Act, 1975–It has only such jurisdiction as is conferred by said Act–Jurisdiction of that court cannot, by any stretch of imagination, be extended beyond scope of Act–Held: Case against respondents as regards offences not covered by schedule attached to Act–Held further: It is triable by ordinary court–Petition dismissed.