4. Allegation of corruption and corrupt practices-Appreciation of evidence-Accused was Food Supervisor in the Provincial Food Department from 1982 to 1997-Neither any instance of misuse of authority was cited nor ‘corruption’ or ‘corrupt practices’ of the accused were brought on record-Not an iota of evidence was available to show that the accused while performing his duties had done anything illegal, violated any rule, committed any breach of discipline, gone out of the way to favour any one for pecuniary benefits and thus had ill-gotten earning-Prosecution witnesses had admitted in cross-examination that accused had good reputation and was not living beyond means-Three persons who were inimical towards the accused had submitted application against the accused, upon which a departmental enquiry was conducted and their application was turned down by the Enquiry Officer-Record of the Food Department showed that accused had never indulged in ‘corruption’ and ‘corrupt practices’; lived a simple life and had good reputation-Investigating Officer of the National Accountability Bureau was also unable to state a single word about corruption or corrupt practices of the accused-Finding of the Trial Court being entirely unfounded, conviction and sentence of accused were set aside.