23. Release of accused-Chairman NAB can release an accused under S.9(c) of the NAB Ordinance without intervention of the Court provided an interim or final report under S.173, Cr.P.C. has not been filed against him in the Trial Court, he has not deposited any dues or asset with the NAB and he has not signed any agreement of plea bargain with it. PLD 2002 Lahore 607 Release of an accused under S.9(c) of the NAB Ordinance would be a discharge under S.63, Cr.P.C. which would not terminate or cancel the investigation against him and he can always be associated with the investigation by the concerned Investigating Agency at any stage without permission of the Court-Investigating Agency, if however, at a subsequent stage needs the custody of the said accused, he can be arrested and taken into custody with the permission of the Court