Before J. TV. Hearn, Financial Commissioner (Development)
BARKAT ALI-Appellants
CROWN and another-Respondents
Appeal No. 228 of 1948-49, decided on 19th January 105i) from the order of R. T. A., Rawalpindi, dated 2v 30th August, 1949.
Motor Vehicles Act (I V of 1939), S. 14 (1)-Regional Transport Authority-Whether could apportion. shares in evacuee transport company.
It is no function of a Transport Authority to apportion shares in a transport company. It either grants permits or not to applicants for them. Furthermore, it is in no way incumbent on it to carry out the suggestions of in Officer on Special Duty in the Transport Department. The distribution of shares in an evacuee company, or in a company to replace it, is the function of the Rehabilitation Authorities. [p. 7].
Mahmud Ali Qasuri, for Appellants.
Kh. Abdur Rahim, for Respondents.