Before Akhtar Hussain, Financial Commissioner
Kh. HAMID GHULAM SADIQ and others-Appellants
Pt. SURAJ BHAN-Respondent
Appeal No. 2 of 1947-4,+, decided on 22nd January 1950, from the order of the Commissioner, dated 19th July 1947.
(a) Punjab Alienation of Land Act (XIII of 1900)-S. 3¬Discretion exercised by Deputy Commissioner could not be interfered with.
A. I. R. 1942 Lah. 194 relied on
(b) Punjab Alienation of Land Act (XIII of 1900)-Sections 6 and 14-Permanent Alienation if not sanctioned by Deputy Commissioner •kill be treated as usufructury mortgage under Section 6.