Before Akhtar Hussain, Financial Commissioner. Jamadar

Dafadar MALIK RAHIM KHAN-Respondent
Appeal No. 45 of 1948-49, decided on 18th March 1950 from the order of the Commissioner, Rawalpindi, dated 2nd July 1949.
Punjab Land Revenue Act (XVII of 1887), S. 28-Rules 15 and 17 (1)-Appointment of Lambardar-Qualifications¬Extent of property in estate and ability to perform duties.
The appointment in the present case is to be governed by rule 17 (i) read with rule 15 of the Land Revenue Rule,. Judging the Collector’s order in the light of the considerations laid down in rule 15, it will become quite clear that the learned Collector ignored at least two of the important qualifications, viz., extent of property in the estate possessed by the candidate and his ability to perform the duties of lambardar. Had the learned Collector kept in view these two important considerations he would in all probability have come to a decision different from that at which he has arrived. !_p. 13
1921 L. L. T. 5 relied on.
B. Z. Kaikaus Advocate, for Appellant.
Khwaja Abdul Rahim Bur-at-Law, for Respondent.