Before Muhammad Munir, C. J.

EDITOR OF ZAMINDAR” and others-Respondents

Criminal Original No. 5 of 1950, decided on 16tb March 1950.

Contempt of Court-Subordinate judicial officers-Imputations against of improper or dishonest motives, in judicial determinations–Contempt serious.

Imputations of improper or dishonest motives to subordinate judicial officers in their judicial determinations amounts too contempt of a very serious kind. [p 220].

The Press as a rule have no right to make the correctness of decision of a subordinate judicial officer, a public issue by imputing motives to the officer concerned The correct course for the Press where they have reasons to believe that a dishonest judgment has been delivered is- to approach the appropriate authority and ask for a regular inquiry against the officer concerned and not to broadcast the imputation because such publications have the inevitable effect of undermining public confidence in the adminis¬tration of justice, and thus constitute contempt of a very serious character. [p. 221].

Shabir Ahmad, Advocate General, for Crown.
Ghulam Mohy-ud-Din, for Respondent.