GHULAM RASUL-Accused-Applicant
CROWN-Complainant. Respondent
Criminal Miscellaneous Application No. 11 of 1950, decided on 20th May 1950.
Criminal Procedure Code (V of 1898), S. 526-Transfer proceedings-Case under section 110, Criminal Procedure Code -Magistrate imposing condition regarding bail granted by Sessions ,Judge-Whether indication of prejudice-Or of unlikelihood of a fair trial.
The fact that the Magistrate has imposed certain conditions regarding bail is a matter for discretion by the trial Magistrate. His actions in this respect therefore, do not show that lie is either prejudiced against the accused or is likely to act in a manner which will not permit of the accused petitioner receiving a fair and impartial trial.
Held, there was no ground for transfer. A. I. R. 1933 Rangoon p. 165 ref.
Mirza Muhammad Ahmad, for Petitioner.
Public Prosecutor, for Respondent.