Before R. K. M. Saker, J. C.

SETH ESSAJI-Respondent-Petitioner
Qureshi MUHAMMAD ANWAR-Applicant-Respondent

Civil Revision No. 7 of 1950, decided on 5th July, 1950.
Petition under section 115 of the Civil Procedure Code read with section 33 of the British Baluchistan Courts Regulation for revision of an order of the Sub-Judge, Quetta, dated 31st March 1950.
Civil Procedure Code (V of 1908), S. 115-Revision-Not competent against conclusions of lazy or fact where question of jurisdiction is not involved-Baluchistan Courts Regulation 1939, S. 33.
The provisions of section 115, Civil Procedure Code apply to jurisdiction alone, the irregular or the non-exercise of it, of the illegal assumption of it. The section is not directed against conclusions of law or fact in which the question of jurisdiction is not involved. [p. 471.
As regards section 33 of the British Baluchistan Courts Regulation, this section confers on the High Court certain supplementary powers of revision and these powers are attracted only in cases in which important questions of law or custom are involved. A. I. R. 1917 P. C. 74, referred to.
Sh. Manzoor Ahmad, for Appellant.