Before Saker, J. C.
M. AHMAD KHAN Zarkun-Respondent
Criminal Appeal No. 4 of 1950, decided on 11th April, 1950, from the order of Magistrate, 1st Class, Quetta, dated 14th September, 1949.
Criminal Procedure Code (V of 1898), S.417-Appeal from acquittal-Prosecution to show not only that accused is guilty, but also that acquittal is based on unreasonable and unsound grounds.
It is not only necessary for the prosecution to prove to the satisfaction of the Appellate Court that the accused is guilty, but also to prove that the grounds on which the trial court has based acquittal of the accused are unreasonable and unsound.
A. I. R. 1934 Pesh. 129 relied on.