Before Abdul Aziz, C. J.
Mst. MURAD KHATOON-Petitioner
Mst. FATTAL-Respondent
Civil Revision Petition No. 10 of 1950, decided on 12th October 1950, against the order of the Senior Sub-Judge, Rahimyar Khan, dated 15th March 1950.
Civil Procedure Code (V of 1908), S. 115 and Order VI, rule 17-Order under Order VI, rule 17 Passed on juridical consi¬¨derations-Is decision of ” case “.
The applications for the amendment of the pleadings introduce a state of facts complete in itself which has to be considered with a view to deciding upon them juridically, and as such the decision of the applications will fall within the definition of a case decided. [p. 101].
The conclusion therefore would be that any interlocutory order which has been passed on juridical consideration of a state of facts before the Court is tile decision of a case within the meaning of section 115. The petitions for revision are entertain able and their decision is subject to the provision of section 115 of the Civil Procedure Code. [p. 101].
A. 1. R. 1943 Lah. 65 relied on. A. I. R. 1936 All to-6 and A. I. R. 1941 Oudh 87 referred to.
Saleem, for Respondent.