Before Abdul Aziz, C. J. and Mahmud Khan, J.

GHULAM MUHAMMAD SHAH-Plaintiff-Appellant
FATEH MUHAMMAD SHAH-Defendant-Respondent

Civil Constitutional Appeal No. 11 of 1949, decided on 7th April 1949, against the order of Ghulam Murtaza Shah, J.
(a) Custom-Will by widow-Not void, but voidable at instance of reversioner- Will relating to self -acquired property becomes operative-Next reversioner who assents to will cannot challenge it-Remoter reversioner, who denies title Through such next reversioner, is debarred from challenging validity of aliena¬tion.
A will by a widow governed by the Customary Law is voidable at the instance of her reversioner and relating to self¬acquired property it becomes operative. The next reversioner who assents to such a will is, therefore, incompetent to challenge it by his own conduct when he survives the widow. After the death of the widow the remoter reversioner who derives his title through the next reversioner stands debarred from challeng¬ing the validity of the alienation. [p. 17.]
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(b) Constitutional Appeal-Analogous to Letters Patent Appeal-Finding of fact cannot be disturbed, unless Judge failed to consider evidence or admitted evidence which should not have been admitted.
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(c) Constitutional Appeal-Points not raised before judge -Cannot be agitated in Constitutional Appeal.
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(d) Evidence Act (I of 1872), S. 32 (3)-Statement of dead person when admissible.
Under section 32 of the Evidence Act the test of admissi¬bility of the statements against interest made by the deceased person are that (1) the deceased must have had personal knowledge of the fact he was stating, (2) the facts stated should have been to the immediate prejudice of the deceased, (3) the state¬ment must have been to the knowledge of the deceased contrary to his interest and (4) the interest must be Either pecuniary or proprietary. [p. 12.1
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(e) Evidence Act (I of 1872), S. 44- There is presumption of correctness of entries in record of rights.
Under section 44 there is a statutory presumption that the entries in the record of rights are correct, and that the plaintiff in order to succeed must establish that the mutation order is a false document. [p. 12.]
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Muhammad Amin Khan and Muhammad Mustafa Khan, for Appellant.
B. Z. Kaikaus and Nazir Ahmed, for Respondent.