Before Abdul Aziz, C. J. and S. Mahmood Khan, J.


Criminal Appeal No. 34 of 1950, decided on 24th June, 1950, against the order of Sessions judge, dated the 2nd May 1950.
(a) Evidence Act (1 of 1872), S. 27-Recoveries of articles and dead body-Made on joint pointing out by several accused -Evidence as to recovery inadmissible.
A I R 1929 Lahore 665 rel.
(b) Evidence-Circumstantial-Deceased last seen being dragged by accused out of field-Deceased entreating accused to spare her-Accused’s statement before Panchayats that deceased had gone out of their control-Dead body found in field belonging to one of the accused-Evidence sufficient for conviction under s. 302 Pakistan Penal Code.
A. 1. R. 1933 Patna 180 ref.