Before Abdul Aziz, C. J.


Civil Revision No. 26 of 1949, decided on 6th March 1950, against the order of Sub-Judge, Chishtian, dated 10th August 1949
Civil Procedure Code (V of 1908′, 0 IX R. 8-Provisions imperative-Court has no jurisdiction to adjourn case for appearance of plaintiff or his mukhtar.
When two suits had been fixed in the case of one for supplying correct address of one of the defendants and in the other, for fram¬ing issues, and the plaintiff and his Mukhtar were absent., the Court had no discretion to adjourn the case to tie next day. The provision of O. 9 R. 8 N% as imperative and the suit should have been dismissed. The Court had no jurisdiction to maintain the cases on its file. [pp. 47-48].
10 1. C. 313, A. I. R. 1924 Pat. 714 Distinguished.