Cheating and embezzlement, beneficiary of fraud dual record, maintaining of accused was chief executive of a company licensed to deal in foreign currency exchange ad home remittances accused through his company had been receiving amounts for transfer to foreign countries transactions but neither r remitted the amounts to foreign destinations nor returned the same t depositors accused under the garb of lawful business of foreign exchange master minded of fun for making money by adopting fraudulent and corrupt mean saccades could not shift his liability on the employees of his company because he appeared to be the sole beneficiary evidence was available on record that accused had been himself conducting the affairs of company accused himself instructed his employees to prepare two records, which transaction was to go in which record and ho to deal with customers of the company accused and his company had been doing such business since 2003, and from its inception, such-like fake and forged transactions were being made number of affected against accused were in thousands and federal investigating agency made a rough estimate of misappropriated amount of Rs.45, billion accused being leader of whole campaign was not entitled to concession of bail, which was a remedy for persons who were innocent and were involved in cases with malafide intention petition was dismissed in circumstance.